Human Development, Education, and Training Policy Guide

Publisher: Well Being In the Nation Network
Year: 2021

Lifelong learning, from pre-school to high school to college to job training makes sure that all people can have a full life. It helps create chances and success for people no matter what age, background, or ability. All these types of education help people get into meaningful careers, with more chances to learn, grow, and contribute.  

Education helps people move forward in life which improves their health and well-being. Supportive learning environments help kids learn and grow. A strong preschool to high school education helps people reach their full potential. Good education helps young people get into college, trade schools, and participate in community learning to better their lives. All forms of education can lead to more income and chances to live a full life. Not being able to get an education stops people from living at their full potential. These impacts can be felt across generations.

The below policies would improve access to education, training, and other opportunities for learning and self-improvement.

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