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Health impact assessment (HIA) is a key strategy that supports organizations and governments to identify and integrate health-promoting policies and practices so that health becomes a key component in all community decision-making.

Health In All Policies

“Health in All Policies” is an approach that promotes the integration of health considerations into all sectors and policy areas beyond just the traditional healthcare sector. It recognizes that a wide range of policies and decisions in various sectors can significantly impact population health and well-being.

The HiAP approach acknowledges that health outcomes are influenced by multiple determinants, including social, economic, environmental, and behavioral factors. It emphasizes the need for collaboration across sectors to address these determinants and improve health outcomes.

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Health Notes

Rapid and responsive tool for lawmakers to learn the potential health and equity implications of proposed legislation


Collection of briefs on the state of HIA practice and the role of HIA in key sectors


Collection of visualizations including graphics and videos that illustrates the connection between health and key sectors and issue areas

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